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Discover the secrets of the inca trails, "Chasquiñan" in the beautiful central highlands of Ecuador. Andes trails has a lot to offer with some of our favorite expeditions; Mt. Chimborazo at it's best; Mt. Altar, Mt. Carihuayrazo, Horseback riding, wildlife, National Parks, Nariz del Diablo train.We have so much to share!


Expedition to Mt. Chimborazo ( 1 day / $55 )

Departure from Riobamba, 2way Transport to Mt. Chimborazo's lower mountain refuge "Hermano Carel"(4800m/16000ft.) from there we climb our way up 200m (800 ft) more to the whymper refuge. On the way back, visit to indigenous community and a stop for pictures at the chapel in lican and for food. Book Now!


Guayllabamba Hot springs ( 1 day / $65 )

Departure from Riobamba, 2way Transport to Guayllabamba, Where the guide will show you a trail (aprox 1hr) and then come back to the hotsprings, then visit local trout harvesting and eating there. Book Now!


Carihuayrazo Horseback Riding ( 2days/ $130 )

Departure from Riobamba, 2way Transport to Mt. Carihuayrazo's last outpost by car "Cunanyacu" where we will sleep the night. Next Day very early we take the horses 5 hour horse ride where we visit the near by lagoons and reach Caryhuayrazo first refugee then go back. Book Now!


Alausi Nariz del Diablo( 1 day $75 )

We book the train for you, Departure from Riobamba, 2way Transport to Alausi, first stopping in the colta catacombs the colta lagoon and colta church for pictures. Then take you to Alausi where you take the train trip and then go back to Riobamba.Book Now!


Lagunas de Ozogoche/ Hatillo( 1 day/ $50)

Departure from Riobamba, 2 way trnsport to either Atillo or Ozogoche Trip includes going to the Ozogoche/ Hatillo beautiful lagoons, on the way back, we make a quick stop for food. Book Now!




Caryhuayrazo Horseback Riding
When i visit a country i pay respect to the wonderful creations of Earth. Max and his team took me on a wonderful journey discovering the ecuadorian central highlands!

Julie Pimm, New Zealand

Expedition to Mt. Chimborazo
We had a wonderful time in Riobamba. The arrangements all went just like clockwork without any problems.Tour was delight and the crew went out of his way to help us.

Jean and David Busembarrick , Az USA

Expedition to Mt. Chimborazo
We had a great time on Chimborazo. . Everything went very smooth. The drivers and guides were very friendly and always showed up on time.

Franz de Klerk, Netherlands


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